Let’s Begin Again

Wild Nothing at Kings Barcade
Wild Nothing at King’s Barcade, Raleigh, NC


Our First 100 Days is a benefit compilation that aims to help causes that will likely be hurt by the Trump presidency. When you think of protest songs, Wild Nothing is not the first band your mind is likely to conjure up. Even when the band ventures into this territory, as they do for their track “Begin Again,” it’s easy to miss the message amidst the smooth grooves and hushed atmospherics. You would be forgiven for not picking up on lines like, “It sounds so safe, the new protected state. At least you’re free, from all those things you hate.” Despite the unusual (for them) subject matter, this song is pure Wild Nothing, and that’s always a good thing.

I feel like it’s unfortunate that I can’t in good conscience buy this compilation, due to some of the causes that the money goes to support. In addition to “Begin Again,” there are a lot of top notch tracks by great artists on Our First 100 Days. These songs are not throwaways for sake of putting together a benefit comp. Take a listen to Wild Nothing below and then checkout the contributions of the other bands.

Author: Robert

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