A Smaller, Smarter Firefox

Firefox Compact Theme
Firefox Compact Theme


Mozilla has a post about the new hotness in the latest version of Firefox. They’ve introduced Project Quantum, which uses GPU to handle graphics in a seperate process from the main browser app. The advantage to the new project is that GPU will handle the graphics faster and make the browser itself more stable.

And if you’re wondering about the Mac – graphics compositing is already so stable on MacOS that a separate process for the compositor is not necessary.

Gotta love Mozilla. They go on for paragraphs about the capabilities of their new Quantum Compositor. Then they have a brief little snippet that basically says, “oh yeah and everything is already great on the Mac, so there’s nothing we need to do there.”

My favorite part of the new release (especially since I have a Mac) is the new compact theme, which comes in light and dark. The dark theme still needs some polish and some of the favicons on the tabs can be really hard to see. I’ve also already found a bug in the compact theme that causes Firefox to go revert to the default theme if you go full-screen then back to normal size again. Overall, though, it’s an impressive release and I continue to appreciate the progress Mozilla is making on their main product.

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